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Our Vision

Our vision is still a work-in-progress, but we’re in it for the
long run. In Indonesia, it’s common for women to focus on motherhood
and rely solely on their spouse for income. By providing women in need and
stay-home mums an opportunity to develop their crafting skills,
we hope to encourage a self-reliant mindset. Motivating women to pursue
financial independence and have greater autonomy over their life.
Meet our first crafter, Roreta Natalia. 

Roreta Natalia is based in Yogyakarta – Indonesia and had just given birth to a boy, ever since she started working with Envet, it has lighten her worries about her monthly income, allowing her spend more time with her son – Ale, in addition she has developed crafting skills that helped her to support herself and her family in the future. Our mission is to invite more of these women to be a part of our production community.