The Flora Necklace

Envet x BabeCaveSwim

The Flora Necklace

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Exclusive collaboration between Envet and local swimwear brand BabeCaveSwim. We are taking you through the journey of Dreamcation, how it would be like to travel again once more. 

In this collection, Envet is all about the shiny element to represent the beach golden vibe of Bali. BabeCaveSwim portrays this Dreamcation by using sage green and white to represent nature and the sand. Come with us. Dream with us for a while. 

The Flora Necklace. 

  • Beige beads and gold beads with a flower charm.
  • Flower charm.
  • 16" and adjustable to 17".
  • This piece is definitely giving you the island vibe and is perfect for stacking.
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